Spookville: Cabin Escape


In Spookville: Cabin Escape, players step into the shoes of a courageous protagonist determined to save their parents from the clutches of a malevolent force. The tranquil setting of a cozy cabin nestled deep within the dark woods becomes a nightmarish battleground as a wicked scarecrow emerges as the primary antagonist. Armed with cunning intellect and an arsenal of cleverly concealed tools, players must navigate through a series of spine-tingling puzzles, uncover hidden secrets, and face hair-raising challenges.

  • Cute Horror
    • A new genre we hope to break ground on. The graphics aim to hook those familiar with Tim Burton and Fortnite
  • Third Person Shooter
    • A common play perspective for the targeted audience. The player will jump right into the gameplay with familiar controls
  • Indie Game
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Made from a small game development shop in the Midwest USA.

IndieScape Games creates addicting mobile and story-driven desktop games that separate themselves from the pack of other independent game companies. The employees operate at 100% remote allowing the employees to work independent of time and life constraints. This allows total creativity for whenever it hits.