Spookville: Cabin Escape

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In Spookville: Cabin Escape, players step into the shoes of a courageous protagonist determined to save their parents from the clutches of an evil force. The tranquil setting of a cozy cabin nestled deep within the dark woods becomes a nightmarish battleground as a wicked scarecrow emerges as the primary antagonist.

  • Equip yourself with fun and unique weapons from your childhood
  • Fight multiple enemy types and monsters
  • Play at your own pace and explore the cozy wilderness during the day
  • Recruit allies to join you on your adventure to help get your family back

A werewolf chases a boy
Fight enemy types like Werewolves and Giant Spiders

Will you have what it takes to outsmart the scarecrow and rescue your parents from an unimaginable fate? Gather resources and build structures during the day to protect your cabin from attacks at night? Find the hidden lair of the evil scarecrow and save your parents from an unfathomable demise.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with fear, suspense, and ultimately, triumph.

  • Interactive Dialog

    Interactive Dialog

  • Collect Resources

    Collect Resources

  • Cabin & Weapon upgrades

    Cabin & Weapon upgrades

  • Explore creepy caverns

    Explore creepy caverns